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ThetaHealing News™

ThetaHealing News is a newsletter for the ThetaHealing community. Successor to the Theta Times® and no longer the official newsletter of VIanna's Nature’s Path, ThetaHealing News provides you with ongoing developments, reminders, information, and stories about practicing Theta. Upcoming issues include interviews with Vianna Stibal and with other practitioners, as well as information about the business of healing.

For ThetaHealing Teachers: ThetaHealing News also includes details of your practice groups worldwide. These are free listings. The newsletter has subscribers from nearly every continent, so if you are a certified ThetaHealing teacher, send in announcements about your practice groups that you would like me to share with the world!

Read an excerpt from the first issue of the ThetaHealing News: “developments in thetahealing: applying what we learn”.

Subscription rates to the ThetaHealing News are $26 per year. One year is ten issues. ThetaHealing News is only available electronically. You download each individual issue as a .pdf file from this website.

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Theta Times® Newsletter
You may also order previously published issues of the Theta Times, the official newsletter of ThetaHealing from 2004-2008, created by Terry O'Connell. Vianna Stibal read and approved every issue, and contributed information. Each issue of the Theta Times includes new developments in ThetaHealing, reminders for practitioners, experiences of practitioners, and features such as "Ask Vianna".

There are 20 published issues of the Theta Times. These are all available electronically as a single downoadable .pdf file from this website for $50.

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