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Healing the Healer
For the Body, Mind and Spirit:

ThetaHealing - Viannal Stibal (
Vianna Stibal is the founder of ThetaHealing. Her website offers information about this healing modality, tells her own story, and offers other interesting resources. 

Stay in Idaho Falls (

If you are looking for a place to stay in Idaho Falls for a week or more, consider this beautiful home. With lush gardens and ponds on 2/3 acre in Idaho Falls, the house is an 8-minute drive or short bicycle ride to THInK. The house has a movie theater, hot tub and two fireplaces. We rent individual rooms to people coming for ThetaHealing workshops, and we rent out the entire house for people visiting for business or vacation.

Fitzmaurice Voicework (
Catherine Fitzmaurice has developed a method of connecting people back to their body's innate ability to breathe. Used extensively in the theater community, it is also open to non-theater people. Check it out!

For the Body:

iBalm (
They have amazing bath bombs. My favorite is the Rose-scented Eizabeth, complete with dried rose buds. It turns your bath water pink!

Clear & Vibrant (
Sylvia Marie, Thetahealing™ professional and skincare guru, has developed a wonderful face cream made with “all natural ingredients and loving care.” There are no synthetic or petroleum-based preservatives. And it’s amazingly inexpensive. Ask about her hydrating lavender face spray too!

Thymes Limited (
My favorite place for lovely flavors of shower gel and matching moisturizers. My current favorites are Kimono Rose and Lavender. Perfumier ones that are wonderful are Filigree and Gold Leaf. Enjoy!

For the Mind:

What the Bleep (
If you haven’t seen the Quantum Physics documentary What the Bleep Do We Know, you must. It provides a scientific explanation for why Thetahealing™ works. You get to see the neural networks we change with Core Belief work and the cell receptors that shift when we pull addictions. I love the Columbia physicist’s explanation of time: nothing in physics supports the belief we have about past and future - that we can remember the past and influence the future. We should just as easily be able to remember the future and influence the past. How cool is that?!?

For the Spirit:

Chocolatt de Belgium (
Feed the soul with the most amazing chocolate you’ve ever tasted. Tell Tarsus Terry O’Connell referred you and he will take great care of you. They have dark, milk, white, and sugar-free. Dark is their main emphasis because of the health benefits. They also have Dauphin bars in cool flavors like Rose Pepper and Nougatine. They ship anywhere. Enjoy!

For Your Home / Office:

Diane Atkins, Fusionartist (
Diane is an amazing artist who brings a wonderful spiritual energy and insight into her paintings. She also sells prints. They are a wonderful addition to your home or office.

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